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CONSULTATION:  Allergy (or patch) testing is done at the time of your consultation which is done no sooner than 24-48 hours before your first session.  Before booking a consult you must be able to say NO to the following contraindications to be considered a candidate for microblading:

  • Not pregnant or breast feeding

  • Don't keloid (raised) scar

  • Don't have problems with healing/ taking blood thinners/ or have a compromised immune system 

  • Don't have previous eye brow tattoos (PLEASE INQUIRE ABOUT TATTOO REMOVAL)

Session 1:  Careful measurements are taken before a shape is drawn on, after which we both discuss what best suites your face and natural brow shape.  Hair like strokes are then drawn on with a thin row of needles that deposit plant based Phi Brow pigments.  Various numbing solutions are used so that you are kept as comfortable as possible.  After care will be explained to you and MUST BE FOLLOWED EXACTLY to be sure the pigment stays in your skin. Initial healing takes up to 14 days but COMPLETE Healing takes 4 weeks before a touch up is done,  AND WILL TAKE THAT LONG TO SEE THE RESULTS FROM THE FIRST SESSION,


Session 2/Touch Up:  Is scheduled at 4-6 weeks is meant to fill in any strokes that have faded too much and to correct and fine tune your final result and will require you to follow the after care all over again.  PLEASE NOTE that poly skin types MAY require a 3rd touch up.  The is because your natural oils will dilute the pigments and push them out faster and more prematurely than with drier/normal skin types. 


Please visit the "Menu" Page for current rates. Please note that rates are subject to change. You'll get confirmation of my rates at time of consultation.  If you have any questions please feel free to email or text me 480-235-3340 pictures of your eye brows without makeup on and in natural light.  Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. 

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